Thriving in the Pandemic:  Providing Mission-Critical Needs for your Organization


Challenges abound in these unprecedented times but the most critical needs of organizations today center on communicating effectively with employees, maintaining customer satisfaction and ensuring security across your environment.  In a time where resources, for most organizations, are facing significant physical and financial constraints, we want to share some free and reduced cost resources available to our business community.  


Effective Employee Outreach:  

Our partner, ServiceNow, is offering an Emergency Outreach application free of charge to its customers, and others, to distribute information and confirm employee safety and location through email and a mobile app.  We can help you implement this critical communication tool in your organization!  


Ensuring a Secure Environment:

The sudden shift to remote work has opened the door for increased phishing, Ransomware and Malware attacks.   Our Security Posture Assessment can quickly help you identify and blunt areas of risk in your environment.


Optimizing Customer Satisfaction:

In times of crisis, effective customer communication is critical to ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.  Many organizations, without an established remote contact center capability, have unexpectedly been cut off from servicing customer needs due to a forced remote work status.  Let us help you spin up an affordable, remote contact center capability in minutes!


TBConsulting is committed to helping organizations "keep the lights on" and much more, so you are free to focus on your strategic initiatives.  Let us know how we can help; fill out the form below and we'll schedule a free consultation for you with our experts!