TBConsulting's Ultimate Guide for Transitioning to the Hybrid Cloud

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth a number of unprecedented challenges to various types of industries. As many organizations continue the transition from office spaces to remote work environments—executives are experiencing an increasing amount of pressure to accelerate digital transformation as a means of continuing business operations.

For many businesses, a move to the cloud is the only path organizations can take moving forward. The pandemic further increased the need to make quick IT decisions and complicated issues with VPN, encryption, compliance around data and more, thanks to a completely remote workforce. Business and IT leaders are now forced to create strategies that take into consideration the need to have on-prem, public cloud and private cloud solutions that work together to meet employee needs as well as optimize customer experience.


This guide reviews:

  • Key hybrid cloud trends
  • Why the pandemic is accelerating hybrid cloud adoption
  • How hybrid cloud maximizes business efficiency
  • What to look for in hybrid cloud providers

TBC Transitioning to hybrid cloud