Receive Your Company's Free Cybersecurity Risk Diagnostic* Report

Cybersecurity risk is ever-increasing in volume and complexity and most companies are exposed.  TBConsulting can help you assess your level of risk through this quick diagnostic.  

Our Assessment Will:

  • Check your domain to reveal open ports and identify risks associated with those open ports
  • Give you an idea of your organization's external vulnerabilities 
  • Check the health of your SSL certificates
  • Check SPAM protection 
  • Help you create a roadmap for elevating your security against attacks

*TBC’s Cybersecurity Risk Diagnostic tool enumerates the supplied domain name to identify sub-domains. Once identified, subdomains are checked for legitimate SSL certificates. A DNS lookup on the root domain is performed, checking for SPF and DMARC records. Each sub-domain is scanned, revealing open ports and the versions of the services on those ports. All information is checked against a database of known vulnerabilities.

All gathered information is publicly available.



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